Trending Indian Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts

Out of several trends and looks all across the globe, Indian hair cut style for women is among the most sought and famous for a wide range of reasons. These looks are known to be edgy, chic, and yet perfect blend of both traditional looks and modern vibes. Indians are aware of the latest hair trends and the hairstyles aren’t that different from the western culture. When it comes to Indian haircut style, one needs to be very careful and go for the style that will suit their face shape. They say, “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be.” And we completely agree with that. In this era, we have countless hairstyles that males of all ages can sport.  

Style your hair perfectly with these Indian haircut style that we have handpicked just for you.

  • Medium Length with Short Layers
As a rule, layered haircuts look more interesting than one-length cuts, because layers offer more attractive shattered shapes that are sharper and much more versatile. A layered haircut suggests at least two layers and shorter tresses along the face; however, you can have loads of layers as well.
  • Short and Curly
If you feel like your long curly locks are weighing you down, why not be brave and go the chop? A cropped curly hairdo can appear seriously stylish and is entirely practical thanks to its limited length and manageability.
  • Long and messy
The great thing about messy hairstyles for men, however, is that they don’t discriminate by hair type or face shape. Guys with curly hair straight hair, wavy hair, thick hair and thin hair can all take advantage of off-duty casual cool messy hair, and every one of the men’s messy hairstyles available to guys today will look different to the next
  • Spiked up front with spade
If you’re still working in the office or just prefer a more professional-looking Indian boy hairstyle, consider this slightly spiky haircut. It’s ideal for men with short hair, even if it’s thin, because all you have to do is work in a little hair gel!