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Salon Studio.me is the hair style specialist for gentlemen of good taste and for those who are looking for the Indian barber shop. With our made in England colognes, daily essentials and barbershop experiences, we form the foundations of confidence a man needs to stride through life’s adventures along with facility of Indian hair cut. A best salon where you can relax and read an interesting men’s magazine. Best of all you can enjoy the best men’s haircuts and men’s grooming services available, that will make you feel like a King. Services that go beyond haircuts for men, all performed in an environment that provides relaxation and comfort.

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Our barbershops offer a full-service, luxury barber experience at a reasonable price. We specialize in Men’s Cuts for all ages and styles. We are the place for you if you’re searching for How to Get a Cheap Haircut in Warsaw? We take time during your consultation to get to know your style and help with what’s appropriate for your age, and maintenance level. Come visit one of our Saloon Studio to get a traditional shave, quality haircut, or hot towel treatment. We also offer a variety of products like shampoos, body washes and beard and moustache waxes. We love to work with color, making it look as natural as possible. Our goal is to be the best hair salon to offer the highest quality of services where stylists can maximize their creative talent.


Our Stylists can make you get a new style.


Our stylists can get you a hot looking stubble.


Experience the luxury of a timeless straight-razor shave. Perfected since 1956.